Certification / Training  


IACVA's credentials are recognized worldwide.

Drawing on the respective and complementary strengths of Charter Members, IACVS offers individuals and organizations a means of enhancing opportunities in the valuation and fraud deterrence arenas. Membership is available to individuals only through a Charter affiliation.

Bimonthly Magazine

In addition to certification, all Associate Members receive a free subscription to a bimonthly magazine The Value Examiner published by the US Charter, NACVA (National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts). This magazine offers a useful source of professional development materials. Each issue of the Examiner features four to six substantive articles worthy of adding to your library. Over a year they will generally cover all of the following categories:

  • Valuation Theory and Practice
  • Application to Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property
  • US Litigation Matters
  • Valuation Court Case Decisions
  • International Valuation Issues
  • Marketing & Practice Development
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection
  • Valuation Industry News
  • New Areas of Opportunity for Practitioners such as:
  • How to expand into Other Services
  • Strategies for Building Company Value Each Charter can offer articles authored by Associate Members for publication in The Value Examiner. This IACVS-only benefit offers all IACVS members a unique opportunity to share in the future development of valuation theory, as the evolution of forensic skills.

Support Services

Other IACVS benefits (some of which require an additional fee) include:

  • Professional development programs through seminars (both live and online), conferences, symposiums, and self-study courses.
  • Guidance on standards of professional practice.
  • Valuation referral services where names, addresses and phone numbers of certified members are provided to prospective clients seeking services and facilitated through an online membership directory
  • Information, consulting, library and research services through KeyValueDataTM and from our Mentor Support Group
  • Pre-packaged seminars for associate members to present to lawyers, accountants, auditors , business owners and other professionals in their community
  • Online services designed to assist associate members in their research and provide quick
  • access to various exclusive databases and support services
  • Promotional material that allows Charter Members to improve the awareness of IACVS and its credentialed Associate Members to the international legal, business and professional communities
  • A Library of sanitized Valuation Reports to demonstrate "best practices", as well as various other reference materials
  • Discounts on purchases of training and products sold by NACVA in the US
  • Business valuation software to assist in analytical activities and report writing. This increases the efficiency and thoroughness of an assignment and improves the quality of the final product.
  • An online Technical Resource Database (TRD) listing valuation, litigation support and fraud deterrence books, publications, software and reference sources
  • A Peer review Quality Enhancement program
  • A Credentialed Members Directory
  • A web-based lecture series (currently offered by NACVA for very reasonable prices,) on topics of timely interest to both professional disciplines; they offer easily accessible and quality Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

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