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ICVS Training Centers or Self-study
IACVS's five-day Certification Training consists of three sections:

Best Practice for Business Valuation

This part of the material covers the fundamentals of business valuation:

Definition of business valuation Financial analysis
Business valuation terminology Ratio analysis
Business valuation process illustrated step by step Select appropriate valuation method
Understanding capitalization and discount rates Select and apply proper marketability or minority discounts
Common benefit streams Professional standards
Introduction to standards of value Country specific practice (when available)

Best Practice for Valuing Intangibles
How identifying intangibles leads to corporate transparency Market approach
Professional standards - IAS, FAS, IFRS, IVS Special applications: Brands, Systems and Software, Business
Value drivers for intangible assets Combinations, Impairment Testing, PPA
Common approaches to valuing intangibles Sources and information for intangible asset researches
DCF for intangible assets Illustrations with example

Report Writing and Case Study
This course teaches the process of engagement management and report writing. It aims to solidify the fundamental business valuation theory by step-by-step demonstration through a case study and provide practical tips candidates can use in the real world. Candidates will be asked to be familiar with the case facts prior to coming to the class as this fast-paced class will require interactive input from all attendees. This is also a perfect opportunity to examine one's own practice guidelines and network with other professionals. Candidates will draw on the experience of the instructor or fellow students and learn from each other. You will come away with best practice tips for business valuation engagement from beginning to end.

Self-study is a good choice for busy professionals. You can study on your own pace at a time convenient to you. Self-study is available in English, Chinese, Arabic and German. Self-study may be taken in parts or as a package. The packaged price provides significant discount with first year membership fee and exam fees included. In general, you must finish the self-study within a 12 months period. Special extensions maybe granted according to individual circumstance. Additional fees may apply. Please contact IACVS Hong Kong Chapter: info@iacvahk.org or +852 3106 4277 for details.

ICVS designees are required to obtain 12 hours of appropriate professional education in each 12-month year. Members must attest at the time of annual membership renewal that he/she has satisfied such requirements during the past 12 month period. Evidence of compliance means attesting to which courses—or parts of courses taken—meet the requirement. IACVS does not define specific courses as they will depend on local conditions. In general any course or conference with business valuation, litigation, appraisal, fraud, detection or deterrence, or forensic accounting in its title would clearly comply. In case of doubts, members are required to consult IACVS Charter or Headquarter to obtain an assessment qualified hours of participation. IACVS reserves the right to request more specific evidence to ensure actual compliance.


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