Certification / Training  

Associate (Individual) Membership: Associate Membership is available through a local charter. To find out if there is a current charter in your country or region, please check out our Charter information. Your regular resident country will be the dominating factor for deciding which charter your membership resides. A candidate must complete the application below. Types of members:
1. Practitioner: performs valuation or fraud engagements for a fee (you are a practitioner even if you only occasionally or work part time)
2. Professional (non-practicing), Government employees, Academician: do not perform valuation or fraud engagement (must provide Letter of Certificate from the organizing you are claiming such status)
3. Student (must provide Letter of Proof from the educational institution currently attending)

Observer Membership: institutions may apply for Observer Membership through IACVS Headquarters.

For additional inquiries, please contact: info@iacvshk.org or +852 3106 4277.

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